Days Full Of Work and Positive Emotions During The MoPYL Project`s 2nd Transnational Meeting In Zaragoza

“Face-to-face work is an invaluable and valuable resource in the project implementation process, it cannot be replaced by meeting screens,” looking back at the 2nd transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Mobile Program for Youth Learners” (MoPYL), which took place in the Spanish city of Zaragoza on May 4 and 5”, says its leader Sandija Zaļupe. This conclusion is also confirmed by the representatives of the project partners Colegio San Gabriel Zuera and the Scout Society of Romania, admitting that various technical issues and the outcome of the project have been discussed several times online, but a full understanding of the solutions can only be obtained by meeting face to face.

2 intense and fulfilling days have passed. First we got to know St. Gabriel’s school – a wonderful, joyful, colorful place surrounded by nature, where passionate, creative teachers work and children have the opportunity to grow, develop comprehensively, gain knowledge and be in nature. After visiting the school, intensive work began. The results, ideas and proposals of the survey on young people’s values ​​and focus group discussions conducted within the project were analyzed. We would like to thank Celia Marcen, assistant professor and sociological research expert at Universidad San Jorge, for her work in conducting the research and for her suggestions in the development of lesson plans.

“Until now, significant work has been done in creating the leadership curriculum. With two Ph.D.s in the project team, evidence-based and meaningful research is conducted on the values ​​that are important to young people in their lives. To clarify the importance of these values, a survey was conducted in all three member states – Latvia, Romania and Spain. The results of the survey were discussed in focus groups, inviting field specialists. The results of the research help to understand how to create lesson plans in the program in order to strengthen the values ​​that are very important for teenagers, and at the same time pay attention to those that the young people indicated as less important or completely unimportant, but which are very important for the development of leadership, motivation and responsibility. ” says S. Zalupe.

Ciprian Sfirlogea from the Romanian Scout Society was honored in birthday with a song and cake during the work day.

It should be reminded that an informal education program for young people is being created within the project to develop their leadership abilities, and it will be freely available to specialists working with young people in various fields – culture, education, religion and others.

The project is co-funded by the European Union. It is implemented in the “Erasmus+” program in cooperation with the Agency for International Programs for Youth.

The project “Mobile program for young people” is financed with the support of the “Erasmus+” program of the European Commission. This publication reflects the author’s views only and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.