The Creation Of The Informal curriculum For Youth Leadership Continues

On October 17, the monthly online meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Mobil Program for Youth Learners” (MoPYL) was held. Every meeting with partners, even if not in person, is like a small celebration. Discussing the progress of the project and the work that each of the parties has invested in order to fulfill the idea and purpose of the project with content makes the project alive and meaningful.

The goal of the MoPYL project is to help young people develop into responsible, motivated personalities endowed with leadership qualities. In order to implement this, a non-formal education training program with 39-hour plans is being created for professionals working with young people in various fields, including education, culture, religion and others. Project partners continue to develop learning plans according to the specifics of the activity and the values ​​they represent. The curriculum content of the Krimulda congregation is based on such Christian values, or the fruits of the Holy Spirit, which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trust, meekness and self-control. The lesson plans of the Romanian Scout Association are related to outdoor physical activities, practical activities, developing both the individual skills of young people and the ability to work in a team. On the other hand, the representatives of St. Gabriel’s school, in cooperation with the social research expert Celia Marcen, have conducted research among 14-15-year-old youth in all member states of the project in order to find out their opinion about their abilities and character traits, values, relationships with family and peers, as well as their place and role in society. and involvement in social processes. The research makes it possible to adapt the teaching content to the values ​​and qualities that are essential for young people, as well as to pay attention to those that young people indicated as not so engaging or important, but which have an inestimable importance in personality development.

In the course of the project, everything does not always go smoothly, you often have to deal with various challenges. In such cases, the experience of the project implementers and the belief that they can rely on each other 100% is an invaluable help. That’s exactly what the MoPYL team is – experienced and reliable. It is impossible not to mention the relentless energy of Sandija Zalupe, the project manager, her ability to keep the team focused and lead to the result, her ability to listen, learn from partners’ experiences, be humane and know how to maintain a positive team spirit. This is also one of the most important benefits of the Erasmus+ program projects – to gain experience and share it.

The project will end in February next year.

The project “Mobile program for young people” is co-funded by the European Union. It is implemented in the “Erasmus+” program in cooperation with the Agency for International Programs for Youth.

The project “Mobile program for young people” is financed with the support of the “Erasmus+” program of the European Commission. This publication reflects the author’s views only and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.